Child Rights & Protection

At the heart of DLC’s work is a deep rooted understanding that children and young people are our future and form more than half of our population. We are aware and are part of the global efforts towards achieving a systems approach to child protection that should deliver holistic and integrated outcomes for children.

DLC supports organisations to understand children’s rights and responsibilities, their operational context and how to programme within the context, including enlisting the participation of children. Our well researched facts on the situation of children as well as our experience and passion about child protection enable us to contribute to the national level policy and programmatic decision making. Our specific consulting areas in child protection include:

  • Mapping and assessing child protection systems at national and community levels
  • Training on child rights/child protection issues and developing child safe organisations.
  • Development and review of child protection policies
  • Research in child protection issues
  • Conducting consultations with children on child protection issues
  • Tailor-made lectures and modules for various stakeholders including students, practitioners and researchers in child protection issues.

One thought on “Child Rights & Protection

  • Am happy to learn your programs also cater for the demands of Children. That is good since social protection of children results into nation development and community so to say. Am currently running an organization named “VULNERABLES’ ORGANIZATION FOR LEGAL AID SERVICES (VOLAS) in TANZANIA which operates district wise (Chato District, Geita region). As a professional organization we protect and promote social-economic rights of vulnerable people including children and women and people living with HIV&AIDS.
    In few days past i came across with a special form which was being filled by one of NGO NAMED MHOLA OPERATING IN kAGERA REGION. The form required features particularly on OCA on child protection issues and policy. Please my concern is that can i have the same so as VOLAS can use the same for your action
    In the service of Humanity
    Tryphone Bashaya
    Executive Director

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