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Simon Enamu

Simon Enamu has a 16-year development management experience, including seven years as an employee in two Ugandan NGOs and nine years as a technical advisor and consultant for national and international NGOs. Simon, blends competencies in project/ programme management, monitoring and evaluation, social research, policy analysis and advocacy, and organisational/ capacity development. His thematic fields of expertise include child rights/ protection/ safeguarding, governance/ social accountability, civil society strengthening, and inclusion.

In both employment and consultancy positions, Simon has managed more than 12 donor-funded projects and supported the design of over 15 civil society organisation (CSO) projects. He has completed over 60 organisational capacity assessments and developed more than 20 strategic plans and 50 organisational policy manuals. Additionally, Mr. Enamu has delivered training and other capacity development activities for more than 30 CSOs on institutional and project management topics such as result-based monitoring and evaluation, resource mobilisation, project design/ proposal writing, report writing, data management and analysis, internal governance, and advocacy. Similarly,, Simon has supported more than 10 CSOs to develop or revise their monitoring and evaluation frameworks, theories of change, and tools, and to collect, analyse, and utilise monitoring and evaluation data. Furthermore, he delivered more than 40 research projects, 15 project baselines, and 25 project evaluations, often leading execution teams.

For four years, Simon has been a technical advisor for organisational development and governance at the German Organisation for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Uganda. Here, he supported partnership-based project cooperation with CSOs in line with the funding requirements of the European Union, German Government and GIZ. As the head of the consulting services department at Development Links Consult (DLC) for six years (Aug. 2013–Aug. 2019), Simon executed and quality-assured over 30 consultancy assignments for local and international NGOs covering training, consultancy bid evaluation, and technical assistance in project design and evaluation. The other activities included conducting research and project design, baseline and evaluation studies for NGO clients. In the seven years prior, he managed governance and CSO strengthening projects at Community Development Resource Network (CDRN) for nearly five years and child rights-focused projects at Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN) for two years.

Simon holds a Master of Arts in Development Studies and a Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration. He has undertaken additional training in policy analysis, advocacy, gender analysis, data management and analysis, result-based monitoring and evaluation, facilitating organisational development, resource mobilisation, financial management, GIZ Capacity WORKS; advisory work, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, online meetings, and data protection and privacy.

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