Development Links Consult (DLC) is a Ugandan registered Consultancy firm duly incorporated as a Limited Liability Company and fully compliant with all legal/statutory provisions governing the operations of corporate entities in Uganda. We are registered as a consulting service provider with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA)–specialising in Development Management Consultancy Services.

DLC was set up in 2007 on the realisation that there existed a missing link in the design and implementation of development programmes– particularly for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in society.

Our vision

We envisage, “An African society where vulnerable groups live a dignified life free of violence, abuse and exploitation”.

Our mission

We exist to, “Provide tailor-made consultancy services to enable our client organisations enhance the scale and effectiveness of development interventions for vulnerable groups in Africa”.

The DLC team works to provide skills, well researched facts and counsel to organisations and institutions working to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations in Africa. This mission informs and guides our approach to the delivery of quality, effective and relevant consultancy services and also defines the boundaries of our work.

Leveraging our understanding of the local and international context and the experience of our team in mainstream social development work in the Public and NGO sectors and in the consultancy business, DLC supports Non-Governmental Organisations, social enterprises, private and public institutions to make better decisions and to implement value-adding strategies through well researched facts and application of proven impactful methodologies.