Applied Social Research

At DLC, we believe that quality research contributes to evidence-based decision making. DLC therefore supports a number of client organisations to conduct research particularly in the thematic areas of child protection, child rights, economic empowerment, disability, and gender and development. We strive to help organisations and institutions meet the people, understand their stories, document their aspirations and recommend appropriate interventions. We provide our clients with in-depth qualitative and quantitative information that give a clear understanding of the phenomena they are dealing with in a timely and professional manner.

Our commitment is to provide the best quality and credible research products and therefore pay a close attention across the research continuum, right from concept design, field work management, data management and analysis, reporting and dissemination of findings while striving to meet the policy and programmatic needs and deadlines of our clients. We liaise with our clients to identify and decide the most appropriate approaches to their research needs in light of the available resources, data needs and deadlines.

Our recent research works have specifically explored violence against children, child headed households, street children, the child helpline as a child protection tool, and the responsiveness of public health facilities to the needs of sexually abused children.