Programme Development, Monitoring & Evaluation

We believe that creating real impact in people’s lives is dependent on the ability of individual organisations to plan, monitor and evaluate development interventions. Increasingly, the ability to pull off a sound project is becoming a yard stick to accessing donor funding in a competitive civil society world. The World Bank’s evaluation department reviewed near.

Drawing from the wide programming experience of the team, we offer practitioners with practical skills and resources to develop sound programmes that address the needs of their beneficiaries and target groups. We also offer value-adding services in baseline studies, reviews and evaluations and these are hinged on both theoretical soundness and practice realism. Our contribution has been in the areas of programming for vulnerable children (street children, children affected by war and children with disabilities), and community based training. Our approach to review/evaluation is not only to help you realise what has been achieved (accountability) but also to understand why and how the change has been realised (learning).